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Have you ever thought to know about yourself if not, you are wasting your life to garbage, if you want then we will help you .

There are two kind activeness we follow which make our personality, the two reactions we actually do, are proactive and reactive.

Yes, this is based on our habits which make us one from both of them, let’s find which is good and who are you and what you should be ?

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Reactive: The reactive person always looking to blame somebody for any condition like they say, Our country is not good because of the government, My life if not good because of the family or My dreams are incomplete because of the money.

These are the regular keys you usually listen or say and both are stands for reactive personalities.

Reactive personalities believe to react on something beside act on something they like to blame. They easily loss the temper and react on emotions. Example: if they are in hunger they start shouting or sour badly and if they are in home they get to angry as well, these all are the persona of reactive personality.

while on the other hand Proactive does not blame on something like if they are in hunger they silently cook for themselves and eat because proactive loves to deal with situations calmly.

Proactive: Proactive are those who accept the situation beside blaming on it and deal with it.

proactive are kind and calm ones they usually think and then take actions while reactive just react on it like if any woman sees a cockroach they react loudly which does not matter for cockroach obviously.

On the other side a proactive person don’t react on it, calmly through the cockroach out from the area.

Proactive takes responsibility.

So, you want to take responsibility or want to blame the situation. hope you have found who are you?

The Proactive or Reactive.

It is better to be responsible for the mistake beside complainer of the mistake.

Written by : Neeraj Jain (CEO of Neetwee)

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