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Top website news portal Chhattisgarh, in which these rankings have been checked by many departments like Global and Indian Views and Positions, Bounce Rate and Session Rankings etc. So let’s see which of the 9 Chhattisgarh news portals that have won in 2020 without any further consideration.

Let us tell you that in this ranking neetwee has not included the portals which published the newspaper in the rank because they say that this can disappoint the digital platformers and it will not be valid in any way.

Rank 9:  

JUST36NEWS has a global ranking of 10,00,000 plus and its weak bounce rate which is more than 83% and weak session time which even after 1: 46, the site has somehow managed to get into the NEETWEE list.

Rank 8: it Neetwee list bounce it on the global rankings 780,000 rate to 57% of many better than just36 news and with the same 8 are ranked.

Rank 7 :

This website, built in 2017, has grown tremendously, 6,00,000 have global ranking of this site and 56,000 have rankings in India and a tremendous session with 3: 46 and 46% bounce rate. They are sitting on the spot.

Rank 6: has a global ranking of 4,02,428 and has a bounce rate shocker of 10% and an Indian ranking of 61,024 and is ranked 6th in the Neetwee list.

Rank 5: NPG.News

NPG is a very well known website of Chhattisgarh but despite good ranks, this site is ranked NEETWEE list pay 5 due to its pure content display, its global ranking is 1,49,139 and the bounce rate is 30% and the best session is 5: 23 Huh.

Rank 4 :

Like the rising stars, this website has also emerged in this list. This website is ranked global 2,10, 292 and has a rank of 31,000 in India and due to very good performance, this site is very well ranked 4th in the Neetwee list. .

Rank 3 :

Glibs, once the topmost website in Chhattisgarh, is on the third position today, due to the news portal of Globes, the global ranking of this site is 1,78,058 at this time.

Rank 2 :

Holding the hand of the Swaraj Express, Lalluram continues to dominate the Chhattisgarh News World with lalluram ‘s global ranking of 1,47,664 and session 3: 46, making it second in the list of Neetwee.

Rank 1:

IBC24 has topped the Neetwee List 2020 with excellent performance and good reviews in 2020. The site is ranked 78,509 in global rank and topped in Neetwee 2020.

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